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The Walking Zombie:Dead Still


Master, your city is in danger! Waves of zombies are coming! They are strong, fast and hungry for brains! Its time to equip your strongest weapon to fight them! Endless zombies coming, are you ready for fight?***** FEATUREZZZ *****
★There are 52 states occupied by the undead in America. Warriors are never afraid of fighting. You will conquer all the zombies areas all over the world. Tasks become more difficult. Will you accept the challenge?
★In the game your team is armed by various advanced weapons such as Magnetic Tank, Proton Collider, Gauss Sniper Rifle, Antimatter Energy Cannon. Its time to prove your courage and power!
★Player can play a role as the most powerful hero and recruit their teammates from different superpower organization. Advanced gear, Thunder, Ammo, Clothes, Helmet, Protein, Drinks...Gears are essential things for defeating zombies.
★Survive the Hellhounds! Ferocious and fast, the Hellhounds will test your reflexes and your teams ability to work together.
The virus are spreading out fast all over the world. The horn for Last Defender starts! Wake up and give them a fight!
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